Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Lots of greenery, perfect cloud formations and bigger houses.   Those were my initial thoughts as we made the descent into Chiang Mai.  No foreigner on our flight was expecting it to be a major city; however, Chiang Mai proved us all wrong. And an incredibly spread out one at that.

Our first day here, we all explored the local temples during the day.  At night, we all took an outdoor Thai cooking class.  This was awesome because we got to go to the local markets and we were taught the art of Thai cooking afterwards.  I now have a local cookbook and I definitely plan to experiment once I am back home.  We met 2 English girls in the class as well.  Afterwards, we all decided to go to the night market.  After about 20 minutes, we lost the English girls, had a beer and called it a night.

The next day, we went to the Golden Triangle (where the Myanmar, Thailand and Laos borders meet).  We were at the northern most point of Thailand we took a ferry to get to this meeting point.  It was a long journey to see this.  And, on the way we also stopped over at a ‘Magic Kingdom’ looking temple.  It was white and had skeletons all around it.   Inside the temple were bizarre paintings of Spider Man and aliens.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  We got home super late and had dinner.

On Day 3, Martin did an intense trekking and m0untain biking excursion on his own.  The Canadian lady we met decided to join me in exploring even more temples in the area.  We bought our bus tickets for Bangkok and enjoyed a fruit smoothie outdoors.  In the evening, we went to the Sunday Night Markets.  These markets were the best I’ve seen on our trip so far.

Today, we will get a Thai massage before we board our overnight bus to Bangkok.  The journey is 12 hours by bus and I am certain that I won’t get any sleep if it’s anything like our last bus journey through Thailand.  On a more positive note, at least this is the last bus I will have to take on our trip.  I also hope to finish reading The Beach on the bus.  Though I saw the movie over 10 years ago, I have a newfound appreciation for the story line.  I finally get all the subtle hints about backpacker life through East Asia.  Once I finish this book, I will start Survival in the Killing Fields (about the Khmer Rouge).

We have 2 more days in Bangkok before I make my way back to Mumbai, India.  Martin flies directly to Berlin in a couple of days.

I will write one more post from Bangkok.  I hope that we can see the floating villages since we weren’t able to fit that in the first time around.

Enjoy the post!

– Rali. xo


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  1. Yesss, The Beach is brilliant! Infinitely better than the movie (which, apart from my love Leo’s pretty face, was not good). Hope you’re enjoying the book!

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