Last post from Laos.


Since I am in bed sick today, I thought I would write yet another post..out of pure boredom.  Martin’s rented a bike for the day while I stay in bed and try to get over this miserable cold.

I am really enjoying Laos and this town is so easy going that I feel right at home.  Yesterday, we went to a massive waterfall and lagoon area called Kuang Si.  It was honestly so beautiful…in the middle of a rainforest.  The water was a pale aqua color.  And many people went swimming there.  Martin jumped off a tree with a jungle rope and straight into the lagoon-ish area.

We went with 4 other English people that got talked into taking a tuk tuk as well.  On the way back, our driver decided he was going to slam a few beers down while he waited for us.  He told us to be back at 4 PM and it wasn’t until 5 PM that we left since he was busy talking to his pals and drinking.  The lot of us were a little concerned as to whether he should drive us back to our hostels (it was an hour long ride through windy, tiny roads).  However, we went with him anyway and hoped that luck would be on our side as we make the trek back home.  On the way, we nearly ran over a girl, a biker and side swiped a car coming from the opposite direction.  We then took a detour to his house (in a small tiny village) so he could use the bathroom.  Finally, we all made it back in one piece.

Martin and I went to the night markets and sorted out our travel plans for the next couple of days.  In the end, we decided to leave tomorrow for Chiang Mai, Thailand.  And, so today marks the last day in Laos (not nearly enough time here) as we head back to Thailand.

I will write more from Chiang Mai.  And, at some point, we’ll have to upload some photo’s as well.

– Rali.


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  1. Rals…I’m so sorry to hear that you are sick. I’ll cross my fingers for a speedy recovery. I love reading your blogs. I feel like you are right here telling the stories. Enjoy the rest of your trip and travel safe!! Miss you tons. xx

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