4 days in Bangkok.  And, probably not nearly enough time in this city.

Highlights include:

  • Martin telling a random on the street that ‘yes, we are interested in seeing a ping pong competition. And, yes, especially if it is happy hour time. And, yes, my girlfriend would like to come too.’ Really funny, still laughing.
  • Watching as a western man boards the sky bus train with a fairly manly Lady Boy.
  • Lots of incredible shopping, although, due to budget constraits, nothing was purchased. 😦
  • The hotel, of course.
  • Visiting Wat Arun Temple and the steep climb up. I am still shaking since I am deathly afraid of heights.
  • The joy of drinking a Starbucks even though Melbourne turned me into a coffee snob.  However, after being in Asia for 1.5 months, the mocha frap had never tasted better.
  • Going to the famous skytop roofbar and being rejected (along with 8 others) because we weren’t dressed appropriately enough.  In the words of the hostess ‘your shoes are not fashionable enough.’  What? You mean these 8 year old REEF’s don’t cut it?
  • Finishing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (it was the only book available at the hostel where you could trade in a used book for another).
  • Street food. And, street market shopping.
  • A Pizza Hut dinner that made me very happy, especially since they have fancy lounge seating.  It’s way more up scale here.
  • The brief thought that I have never been as American as my time in Bangkok as I hit up McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks and Pizza Hut all within 24 hours.  And don’t think for a minute that I didn’t consider the Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme either.  Damn, it felt good though.
  • Spending 3 hours looking for a hostel to do our laundry.

In the words of Lonley Planet, ‘Bangkok is so gay that it makes San Francisco look like a rural American town.’

Tomorrow, we are off to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  Hostel booked. Flight booked.  Now, the only thing on my mind is how quickly I can get my hands on a copy of The Girl who played with Fire.

– Rali. xo




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