Koh yo.



Phuket, part 2:  The last day in Phuket we got to meet with my friend Jaira and her boyfriend Paul from Australia.  It’s so great that this world is actually so small.  After having coffee with them, we ventured over to Koh Phi Phi.  The journey there was crazy. It was all backpackers and it was a small ferry.  Our bags were thrown in a big pile and at the end of the trip it was chaos trying to get our bags.  Each man for himself.

Koh whaaa?

I did not expect Koh Phi Phi to be temptation island.  A tiny island purely made for single 20 year olds.  Drunk fest can’t even begin to describe this place.  First impression is that it’s a cute little island with tiny cobblestone pathways that lead you from one bar to the next. Sprinked in between the bars are travel agencies, cafes and boutiques.   Then the novelty wears off quickly once you hear that first loud American accent screaming to a Swedish guy ‘Dude, in America we call a shit fest when you can’t remember what you did the night before.’  The echoing laughs of Westerners bonding over a beer.   Tall, blonde, tan Swedish girls.  Drunks.  Drunks on drugs.  Drunk druggies hitting on the tall, blonde, Swedish women.   Barefoot people wobbling from one bar to the next.  Fire shows.  Fire shows everywhere.  Booming bars along the beach.  Full Moon Party. Neon paint.  Neon paint plastered all over people.  The novelty wears of quickly after you witness this.  Learnings?  Alcohol is a language that everyone speaks.  It universally connects people from anywhere in the world.

After the first night, we did a day trip to Koh Leh.  This is where the movie ‘The Beach’ was filmed.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Lots of snorkelling, cliff diving for Martin, kayaking and beach time.  It was also an incredible sunset.

Then, a repeat of night 1.  Meat. Market. Central.

Now were are in Koh Lanta.  Each beach continously amazes me.  We are in treehouse bungalows, where you climb a ladder to get to our cozy little home.  There are about 16 and the main one serves as the central bungalow where people congregate, drink and chatter.  We also play ping pong and talk to the Thai hippy owner guy when we can.  We are right on the beach.  A quieter beach with a more mature group of people…thankfully (a good sign I am getting old).

And so I leave you to ponder the Koh’s yo.  It is worth googling some pictures to see what we are fortunate to experience right now. I will try to post some of our own snaps soon.

We have one more Koh to go yo.  Koh Samui.  Then it’s off to Bangkok.

Will write again soon!



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  1. Loving the blog, if for anything but to make sure you guys are alive & well 🙂 If you haven’t read it already, pick up a copy of The Beach by Alex Garland – my favourite book of all time & perfect holiday-time reading! Staying tuned for an Indonesia leg of your trip… 😉 Love & hugs to you & Martin!

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