Good-bye Sri Lanka. And, hello Thailand.


The last stops in Sri Lanka included Galle, Bentota and Colombo.  We stayed a night in each town and took buses to get from one place to the next.  The bus rides are often very tiring and long.

Your quick Sri Lanka highlights include:

  • Galle: A quaint old European town that has a massive Dutch influence.  We stayed at The Fort..there are no public buses allowed in The Fort, so it’s much quieter and it also proves to be a nice escape from the realities of otherwise noisy Sri Lankan towns.  We opted to stay at a Guest House run by a local family and had an entertaining breakfast with an old English lady who had many tales to tell.
  • Bentota: A much more relaxed day here.  We layed around and enjoyed the beautiful beach.
  • Colombo: Treated ourselves to an upscale lunch at a fancy hotel (by upscale I mean $10 USD total).  We walked along the beach and enjoyed the holiday festivities going on (we found ourselves in Colombo on a Buddhist holiday).
  • Lastly, we spent the night at this old Sri Lankan man’s Guesthouse.  When Martin made the booking, he said ‘Oh what a nice lady. She even speaks German!’  To our surprise, it was actually a man.  A Sri Lankan man who kindly made us dinner and told us about the incredible life he’s led.  He told us about his 8 years in Germany, his travels to 58 countries and about the people he had met on his journey.  Martin, me and the Danish girl (who also stayed there) listened intently as he went on and on….:)

Learnings from India and Sri Lanka:

  • When you are on a bus and can barely breathe, don’t ever open your bus window in hopes of getting fresh air or else you might find that the guy on the bus across from your window would like to spit some red crap out of his mouth.  And, there is a chance that red crap will land on you.  Lesson learned.
  • When you find yourself in Sri Lanka or India and ask for a toilet, there is a chance they will tell you ‘there is a massive toilet behind the restaurant, which is an open field.’  Number of times I have had to squat in an open field: 1.  Number of times I have had to use a filthy squat toilet: Uncountable.
  • It is best to always ignore street vendors and beggars, even if you do feel cold-hearted doing so.
  • The most helpful people reside in India and Sri Lanka.  Everyone was very friendly and always willing to help you out.
  • I did not encounter one single American the entire time I was in Sri Lanka.  However, I noticed a few in India.
  • I am thankful we are headed to Thailand next, as I can’t stomach anymore Indian/Sri Lankan curry and rice (it’s been 7 weeks strong of chili curry and rice nearly twice a day).

Phuket, Thailand:

  • We landed here 3 nights ago.  The first two nights, we were able to stay at a very nice hotel thanks to my aunt who got us a massive discount (it was slightly more than a hostel).  Oh, JW Marriott, I already miss you as I write you from my severly downgraded hostel.   Side note: We refused to leave the resort for the 2 days we were here and we even had our own private beach.
  • After only being able to afford a couple of nights at the luxury hotel, we moved onto Kamala.  The plus is that we are right on the beach.  The minus is that we are in an overly infested tourist spot with loads of cheesy Europeans that escaped the European winter.
  • Last night, we decided we would brave the town of Patong.  I kid you not I have seen some pretty crazy things and lived in some pretty crazy cities but nothing could prepare me for Patong.  Old Western men with young Thai girls.  Lady Boys everywhere. A small man with a TALL blonde woman.  Old German grandparents horrified by the dancing pole women.  An Indian family who kept trying to close their small boys eyes.  Punks.  Euro Punks.  Bar women who love to harrass. Ping Pong competitions (Martin had to kindly explain what this actually was, as I live in a bubble).  Drunk Aussies doing push ups in the middle of the street.  And, somewhere in the midst of it all, me and Martin having drinks and people watching.  You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back, although, the people watching part was terrific.
  • Tomorrow morning, we venture to Koh Phi Phi.  This island is supposedly one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  We will stay there 2 nights before deciding where we go next.

Sending you loads of sunshine from happy, happy Thailand where the temperatures are a soaring 36 degrees Celcius!!! YES!

– Rali.



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