We made it, after a rather frustrating journey for me.  During our time in Ella, I told you about a generous older French man named Patrick.   Patrick was also one of the one’s that joined us in the van headed for the southern coast of Sri Lanka.   What I later found out is that Patrick travels the world as a photographer.  He lives in the Western part of France and has an amazing talent.  He shared with us his portfolio of black and white prints that he’s captured from all over the world.  He is also incredibly generous and graciously offered us a free place to stay the next time we find ourselves in France.  I have a feeling we will keep in touch with him.

Also on the journey to the south were 3 older French women, who were a bit more on the selfish side.  After negotiating prices with the driver, the women refused to pay 1,000 extra rupees to fit 6 people in the van.  If we split the extra 1,000 rupees between all 6 of us it would amount to $1.50 each.  So, of course, Martin, Patrick and I agree to pay the extra 1,000 ourselves since they weren’t having it.  After the back and forth hassle, the ladies quickly claim their seats leaving me, Martin and Patrick with the crappier seats (with no back rest for me).  Even though they didn’t speak English, I expressed how un-fair they were being and I am pretty sure they got my point.  In this world there are the selfish and the selfless and you often times see people’s true colors when roughing it in the middle of nowhere.

Fast forward to 4 hours later (after dropping off the cranky women), and Martin and I landed at a beautifully decorated hostel with a bit of a French twist.  This is perhaps the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen.

Shades of blue and green water.  Continuous crashing waves against a massive rock.  Bunnies being chased by dogs. Warm sand between your toes.  A nap on a hammock. A friendly game of beach volleyball with locals. A mojito on the beach. Friendly hello’s.  The wind’s breeze.  Bliss.

I do believe I have found paradise on earth.  And, its name is Mirissa.

– Rali xo


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  1. sounds like getting to paradise was a little rough but at least that is where you ended up!! Trip sounds absolutely amazing! xoxo

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