Ella, ella, ella….


I can’t help but think of the Rihana song every time I say Ella….ella, ella, ella!!

Anyway, Ella is gorgeous (as you’d probably expect).

Highlights include:

  • A 3 hour train ride here.  Train rides here are something you will never forget.  It first involves  you pushing your way on as fast as you can in hopes that you are one of the lucky one’s to find a seat.  And if you’re out of luck (as I have been on every train ride so far), then you find your way to the nearest table.  You pile your hiking packs in the corner of the train, find your spot on the table and stare out the window until your next destination.  You will get harassed by locals asking you (in exact order): a) where do you come from?, b) Do you like Sri Lanka?, c) Where are you going? and lastly d) Do you need taxi or hotel?  In that moment, the train can’t get to its next destination fast enough.
  • Going to bed at 7 pm out of sheer exhaustion.
  • Hiking up what is called ‘Little Adam’s Peak’ (please note: my legs are still sore from the REAL Adam’s Peak).
  • And, hiking up Little Adams Peak with a random French couple I met while eating breakfast alone (since Martin opted to climb Ella Rock instead).
  • Running out of money with no ATM in town.  Pure luck would have it that an older French man generously offered us 2,000 rupees until we could find a working ATM.  Side note: Thanks to Bank of America my debit card isn’t even working in Asia. &%@&%$….if you know what I mean.
  • Enjoying eating Roti’s at a sunny cafe in the middle of Ella Village with a table full of French people.  And, most importantly, watching an elderly Srí Lankan man skillfully twist and turn the lot of dough into enormous rotis.  Might I add they were delish.
  • An entertaining bus ride with locals to see the Rawayana Falls…..which included many twists and turns, Martin almost falling off the bus, blaring Sri Lankan music, riding on an over-crowded bus toppling over tea plantations with no railings and realizing ‘damn this bus is going really fast for having no railings on the side of this mountain….and it’s a steep way down if something happens. please god, let us make it to the next village in one piece.’

Tomorrow ends the time in Ella.  Next up: Riding to the southern coast of Sri Lanka in a van with a bunch of French people.  I am sure there will be plenty of stories.  Now it’s that time for me to make a booking for the next hostel that awaits us.

I am really looking forward to saying good-bye to this cold weather (relatively speaking, of course) and hello to the sunny beaches of Sri Lanka.

The next time I write you, I hope it is from a sunny beach in the middle of nowhere!!  Let’s see what awaits us next.

Happy February!

Rali xo


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  1. Yay!! Make a wish strikes again. So lucky someone loaned you $$. Love hearing the highlights of each adventure. Travel safe. miss you. xoxo

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