Kerala: where we ended up after leaving Hyderabad.

Your fast facts about Kerala include:

  • It is in South India
  • It is called God’s Own Country
  • A place I have dreamed of visiting for 10 years now.
  • It contains the famous backwaters, where we got to take a sunset boat ride and left me with the feeling that I wasin one of Claude Monet’s pieces of work.
  • I fell asleep for 3 hours on a hammock overlooking the backwaters (including floating lily pads).
  • We explored the street markets of Cochin, where we ended up in a secluded (yet popular) art cafe surrounded by greenery.Of course, this find was thanks to Lonely Planet, where every other Westerner was neatly tucked away.

My realizations after leaving Kerala:

  • While it was just as beautiful as I had imagined, I am thankful that I was able to get the true India experience for the firstthree weeks.  Nothing beats having family in local places to show you around and introduce you to the ‘real hidden gems’.

Minor set backs include:

  • A crazy driver who did not know how to drive manual, manuever the roads, get from one place to the next and above all,had his shady friends follow our car on their motorbike so he had someone to talk to while we toured the area.
  • Hotel booking at first place turned us away, as they had overbooked.  Profusely apologized and put us up in a crappier hotel.
  • Hotel booking at last place checked us in, brought our bags up and then all power went out just as i noticed a Geiko onour wall.  After power returned, geiko was gone and I was freaking out.  Power went back out, Martin found his flashlightthat wraps around his head and got a glass cup to capture the Geiko and throw it out the window. Pretty mad skills consideringthis all happened in the dark.  It should have all been captured on film but unfortunately wasn’t.
  • Once arriving to the Kerala airport, Indian officials didn’t want to let us check in for our flight to Sri Lanka as we hadn’t yetbought a ticket out of Sri Lanka.  After talking to a few men, they finally let us on and we booked a one way ticket to Thailandout of desperation on Martin’s phone.  Once we got to Sri Lanka, they were fine with everything and gave us our ‘visa on arrival’.  All good now.

Now we are sitting in the tiniest of villages in the middle of Sri Lanka at St Anthony’s Orphanage.  I will write a lot
more about this later, as we have very limited Internet access right now.  This has already been such a cool
experience for us , and maybe the highlight of my travels so far.

Until the next post, I leave you with my fast facts above.  Also, I will try to post pictures on Facebook once we have
high speed Internet access.

Rali xx



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  1. Love, Love Love. Can’t wait to hear about the orphanage experience and see pics! Glad that yall are having an awesome trip so far. Look forward to the next entry!! xoxo

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