First impressions do last a lifetime.  When I first met India 18 years ago, it left an unimaginable impression on me.  An impression that can only be described as organized chaos. The same holds true today.

Never in my wildest imagination could I have ridden an elephant and a camel in the same day.  Or discovered an elaborate Indian Disneyland in Jaipur, where a roller coaster is manually operated by 4 Indian men running in circles (just as a hampster would run).  Or being told by a militant Indian man, who resembled the likes of Sadam Hussein, to buy a silk rug because you never know when you might need a silk rug.  The beauty of a cow, dog, pig, camel and elephant sharing the road with bikers, rikshaws , buses and pedestrians.  How about a 3 day Indian wedding event with the most colorful sari’s you will ever see?

My experiences in Mumbai, Jaipur and Agra have been mindblowing (a word my uncle here loves to use).

My largest discovery?  In this country, it is next to impossible to feel lonely.  Even in the poorest villages, you see a million smiles and friends grabbing friends by the hand to play a game of street cricket.  Children who are beautiful and happy to wave hello to strangers.  Everyone has somebody here.


  • I have never quite felt American enough and never quite Indian enough.  However, at least in India I don’t have to spell my full name out for people.  I am officially the Kate Smith of America.
  • I wore a sari for the first time ever.  And, I felt more elegant in a sari than any dress I could ever find.
  • In the most polite way, I have discovered that an Indian family wedding can make the craziest families even crazier. And my family is living proof of that.  I love them even m0re after this trip.
  • I had 2 palm readings done – one unfortunate and one fortunate.  I choose to believe the fortunate. 🙂
  • I feel more at home here than any country I have traveled to.
  • The Indian race is probably the kindest and most generous race that I will ever come across (okay, not really a fact, but just my opinion).
  • I rode a rikshaw through the tiniest of villages and felt so alive and happy!
  • My cheapest meal so far: $2 USD & most expensive: $10 USD.

Tomorrow is a new beginning and will be an awesome one, as I venture over to the Taj Mahal.  I hear they sell ‘find yourself’ passes there now? Only kidding.

Until next time!

– Rali xo


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  1. I love your facts. SOunds like a great time. Can you upload a foto of you in your sari and of all the colourful saris around you? How did the dance go? Where ar eyou heading next? Happy new year and a big hug to the shpetz!

  2. Yay! so excited to see your first entry from your trip! Hope you guys are having an awesome time and can’t wait to hear more and see photos!! xo

  3. Julia – check out facebook, i think i was just tagged in a couple of photo’s of me wearing a sari (and standing by an elephant!). Glad you like my facts , will try to do another post now. 🙂 Kelly, thanks, we are having fun! Hope you are surviving WH! I will try to write some more to entertain you while you are at work, haha.

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